Frequest Questions and Answers:

What is a treatment like?
Treatments are given in a professional and relaxing atmosphere. Most patients would say their treatments are both physically and mentally calming. Relaxing on a massage table, the thin acupuncture needles are inserted. You then have the comfort of a mineral heat lamp placed over you (relaxing and therapeutic) as the needles help regulate the changes and imbalances in your body. Many people find their treatments to be more relaxing than a massage.

Is it safe?
Yes, as long as a licensed Acupuncturist performs it. Licensed Acupuncturists are highly trained and know the human anatomy very well. Since we are interested in a patient’s health holistically, we take our time and don't rush treatments. The safety and comfort of the patient is always taken into consideration during treatments. The needles we use are pre-sterilized and disposed after a single use.

What does it feel like?
Acupuncture needles are hair thin. They are individually wrapped, pre-sterilized, single use needles. Patients typically report a sensation of pressure at the acupuncture site when receiving a treatment. Some spots may feel like a hair is being plucked. Even patients who claim to be afraid of needles are surprised at the fact they really can’t feel the needles. Many patients have also been known to fall asleep when the needles are in and later report they get their best night of sleep on the days of treatment.

Who can benefit from treatment?
Patients of acupuncture range from infants to senior citizens. They may be seeking an alternative to Western medicine or it may be their last hope for relief, having exhausted other methods of treatment for a chronic condition. Or, an acupuncturist may be their first choice of health care practitioner for a low-risk form of treatment with few side effects.

What about insurance coverage?
Cincinnati Acupuncture Clinic., LLC currently does not accept insurance but will provide you with a Super Bill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 
Some insurance plans do cover acupuncture treatments in their policies. Please contact your insurance company about coverage and reimbursement process. 
Some plans that do not routinely cover acupuncture may pay for treatments, if a physician recommends them. 
Acupuncture treatments are also available under workers compensation and personal injury cases.

What do I need to know before a treatment?
NEW PATIENTS - Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, as you will need to fill out a few forms before your treatment. You can also download the intake forms HERE and have them ready when you come to the office.
Please make sure you eat before your treatment.
Please do not consume alcohol before your treatment.

What do I need to do after a treatment?
Please drink water to flush out any impurities (Acupuncture will get your blood moving).
Continue taking your medications, as prescribed by your medical doctor.
Notice how you feel for the next hours or days. I will be asking you questions about changes on your next visit to see your progress. Pay particular attention to any changes in your pain level, quality of sleep, energy level and appetite.

If I am healthy, will I benefit from acupuncture?
Yes. Everyone can benefit from acupuncture when it is done correctly.
Even though you feel healthy now, your body is in a constant state of defense and repair. Acupuncture will help boost your immune system and keep your body's energy more balanced. Acupuncture is a great preventative medicine. By finding the small imbalances now, we can avoid big health problems later. By allowing your body to function at its highest level, you are able to fight off the daily pressures of work, stress, illness and weather changes.
This improved efficiency will lead to a healthier, happier, less stressful and possibly even longer life.

Where on the body do you insert needles?
There are over 1000 specific points on the body that can be used. However, most of the points I use are on the extremities (hands, feet, arms, legs), the abdomen (between the ribs and just below the navel), and the upper and lower back.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?
No. Acupuncture works on animals and they don’t have a placebo effect. Children are also treated and they respond very well to acupuncture, without having any preconceived notions about it.

How many treatments are needed to get well?
That depends on the state of your health when you come to see us and what you need treated. Generally speaking, patients with acute conditions recover faster than those with chronic conditions. While it is not surprising for some patients to receive dramatic results with just one session, such is not necessarily the common experience.  Most patients, especially those dealing with chronic conditions, will require more than one session. 
For those looking for a maintenance program, having a few frequent treatments, and then gradually widening the intervals between treatments achieve the best results.
Severe conditions resulting from trauma (automobile accidents and falls) usually require 2-3 treatments a week to start and then intervals between appointments are widened.

How big are the needles?
The acupuncture needles come in different diameters and lengths. The diameters range from .12mm to .30mm. The length range from .5 of an inch to 3 inches. The average size or most commonly used needles are .20mm in diameter and 1 inch in length. Basically, they're about the size of the fine whiskers of a cat. Thin and flexible.

Does it hurt?
After you put the first needle in, most people say "That was it?". Then they look at the site, to make sure you actually put a needle in them. The sensation received from correct needle technique is not painful. You may feel a sensation of pressure, heaviness, cramping, electricity or tingling. If there is pain it is usually slight and if it doesn’t dissipate within a few seconds, it will go away quickly once the needle is adjusted or removed.

Are the needles reused?
NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. The needles are only used one time and then placed in a bio-hazard container. So, to clarify, they are NEVER reused.

How deep do the needles go?
The depths of the needles vary depending upon where the acupuncture point is located. Needles used on hands, feet, chest, and upper back are all inserted superficially, meaning less than .25 of an inch. The abdomen, gluteal region, and the legs are needled slightly deeper depending upon the size of the patient, meaning between .25 to 1.0 inch.

Are there side effects?
When performed by a properly trained and licensed practitioner, acupuncture is safe and effective, without adverse or addictive side effects. Quite often, a sense of relaxation and well-being occurs during and after treatments. While undergoing therapy for one ailment, other problems may resolve concurrently. This is a common benefit that demonstrates the value of finding and restoring balance to your health.

What is the difference between getting acupuncture from a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) or from a medical doctor or chiropractor with an acupuncture certification?
In the state of Ohio, licensed acupuncturists are required to complete a minimum of 3 academic years of study, which includes well over 1000 hours of classroom time as well as over 600 hours of hands-on clinic time treating patients. In addition, in order to become licensed, candidates must pass a rigorous national board examination given by the National Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). In contrast, in most states, medical doctors can practice acupuncture with little or no training, and chiropractors can practice it with as little as 100 hours of practice and 300 hours of home education. Licensed acupuncturists use acupuncture and its underlying theories as their main method of healthcare, enabling them to fully focus and expand their expertise in that area. This allows them to take advantage of the broad range of its applications as well as go more in depth in treating individual cases. Meanwhile, others practicing acupuncture without the L.Ac. title may only use it for very limited applications or as an adjunctive technique.