Testimonials And Reviews:

I have a condition that is effectively treated by acupuncture. I have seen three different acupuncturists since I started getting treatment. Inesa has been the most knowledgeable of the art and science and has used a form of treatment that has been the most effective. I really like working with her. She is personable and really cares about what she does as much as the people she treats. If you are looking for an acupuncturist in the Cincinnati area, she is the best. - Jesse Thornton on Google+

Just finished my sessions with this clinic. Excellent service, knowledge and professionalism.
Everything was explained in detail as the acupuncturist performed the treatment. - Don Wong on Facebook

I highly recommend Dr Zelepuhin. She spends a lot of time with her patients and works on the core issues not just symptoms.  She is incredibly skilled, and helps my daughter with headaches. Great with kids. - Natalie A. on Yelp!

Dr. Inesa is amazing!  The office is fantastic and she was so professional.  She cured my headaches after the first visit; I will definitely be coming back!!! - Neil A. on Yelp!

Dr. Inesa is the best!

I had a very bad allergy this spring and just in 2 visits it was absolutely gone!
This was done during my rejuvenation sessions (see my other review on Google). - O.K on Yelp!

I've visited the Cincinnati Acupuncture Clinic several times and absolutely love it. I've previously tried community acupuncture but felt like the lack of individual attention contributed to lackluster results. Inesa, the acupuncturist at this clinic set up a treatment plan customized for my specific needs which I think greatly contributed to the outcome. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and detailed oriented. She did a great job of answering all my questions and addressing my specific needs and requests. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking expert customized treatment plans. - Irene Midddendorf on Google+

I have seen several acupuncturists through the years for my health specifics but never thought about needle face rejuvenation. I went to Cincinnati Acupuncture Clinic to see if needles are better option then a chemical peeling I was proposed. I was skeptical about the procedure effects but glad I did it. Dr. Zelepuhin did Gua Sha massage followed with micro-needling (not on face only, the body received the needles as well), gentle cupping using tiny glass tubes and microcurrent muscle toning stimulation, it felt like “ironing” the face :) While driving back home after the procedure I felt a movement under my skin, like something is swirling, running and warming: the process was continuous. Crows feet almost erased and the lines around my lips are greatly diminished, the overall complexion of the face skin is brighter and now I do not wear concealer. Also interesting to see the “side effects” as my eyeballs became clear white instead of being off-white-yellow and my sleeping has improved. I sense so much better about my look and feel, I would refer others to Dr. Zelepuhin, she did an amazing work and I highly recommend her. - O- Krasa on Google+